Kind Words

Along the way, you do a good job and somebody recognizes it. Here are a few accolades.

“Morgen was a pleasure working with and he made my job much easier. He also did a tremendous job in elevating the market stature of our company by providing significant input to strategy and execution of all our marketing and promotional materials. I am very difficult to work for as I am very demanding, often chaotic and like to change direction mid-stream as events unfold. Morgen kept up with me, never complained and many times anticipated my fickleness which allowed the train to keep moving. Hiring Morgen was a great decision.”

Charlie Ditoro CEO of Brite Media, Former COO of Clear Channel Transit


“This letter is my personal recommendation for Morgen Van Buren. I worked with Morgen on a variety of marketing, branding, technology, and creative projects. Morgen was very good at creative problem solving and coming up with ways to accomplish goals. He was an exceptional team player with great communication skills. He has a high level of integrity and I had a high level of trust with him. I would be willing to give more details if needed.”

Tony Alwin, Senior VP Creative, Marketing & PR, Clear Channel Outdoor


“Morgen is an out-of-the-box, tech savvy marketing guy – he’s current and relevant and at the same time disciplined when it comes to the design of websites, marketing collateral and powerpoints. If you want more than you expected he’s the guy to turn to ….”

Garfield Ogilvie, Vice President/General Manager, Clear Channel Outdoor – Las Vegas


Morgen consistently exceeded all job requirements. His advertising and marketing knowledge and how it related to the Outdoor industry, I would rate as being very competent. Morgen always exceeded the amount of work consistent with his job standards. He was also great at shifting tasks to meet new market demands and responded quickly to customer needs and management. He always maintained a positive work relationship with the entire staff. With our ever changing business, Morgen was always up to date on current developments within our industry. Morgen would be a great asset to any company that wants a leader and wants to be fore front of advertising.

Chris Kramer, VP of Sales, Clear Channel Outdoor


“Morgen’s intuitive abilities for successful marketing strategies, both with online and traditional media, has been a fantastic advantage for Twerp Laboratories. His hands-on creative ability has helped our company consistently beat-out the competition as well as provide our clients with a full-range of top-notch marketing services. It’s clear to me, where Morgen applies his talents, there will be success that you can measure.”

Scott Ford, Owner, Twerp Laboratories